About SMA

Founded in 1998, Systems Management Associates (SMA) develops solutions to extend leading Application Performance Management frameworks and assists customers to maximize their investment in Enterprise Management solutions. SMA specializes in building packaged and customized solutions that extend the reach of industry-leading Enterprise Management frameworks such as Quest Foglight and Splunk. Our staff of certified engineers and architects uses their expertise to advise customers on how best to architect, deploy, and manage complex Enterprise Management solutions.

To ensure the availability and performance of critical applications and infrastructure, all organizations - regardless of size and complexity - require solutions that collect and analyze both operational and business data. It is imperative that this information is stored or accessible by a "single system of record" and manages the business services and underlying infrastructure upon which an organization relies. Effective IT service management necessitates implementing processes with as much automation as possible, remaining flexible to your business requirements and responding to reporting and workflow needs. SMA has helped hundreds of organizations achieve this goal and continues to serve as one of the nation's leading integrators of business service management solutions.

In the last decade, Information Technology implementations have grown exponentially in size and complexity. Datacenters now integrate a wide variety of technologies to support business services, including Unified Communications, Blade Servers, Distributed Systems, SAS, Cloud Computing Services, Virtualization, SOA, J2EE, and Networked Storage, all bound by complex data and voice networks. The growth in both the type and number of technologies supporting business services has created the need to ensure the availability of the components and applications that reside therein.

Organizations and critical applications now process more data than ever. Big Data is the buzzword, but it is not a new concept. To manage and analyze this data, organizations rely on a complex array of technologies integrating solutions from traditional software vendors and open source components. To help support the growing need to manage open source applications and data platforms, SMA has built solutions that extend the reach of traditional vendor offerings.

The need to manage this increasing complexity was obvious. As such, SMA formed strategic alliances with a number of organizations committed to the goal of improving service delivery and service support. Our model is unique. The ability to partner with the industry's leading suppliers, and the consumers of that technology, put us in a unique position to understand the latest technologies and recommend ones that will continue to provide our customers with value. Our goal, simply stated, is to provide our customers with the best solutions and highest quality of service available.

SMA understands that managing a complex computing environment extends well beyond ensuring a system or network is running. SMA architects solutions for the monitoring of physical and virtual systems and networks, operating systems, applications, and service levels.

These solutions help customers proactively manage their environments and automate routine tasks allowing companies to do more with fewer resources. We recognize that no two environments are the same and we offer solutions that can be quickly customized to the needs of specific users. SMA has developed strategic alliances with best-of-breed partners including Quest, Splunk, Netuitive, Interlink Software, TIBCO, and Service-Now. Through these alliances, we offer our customers the ability discover, monitor, and manage the health of computing environments including the ability to take manual or automated corrective actions. Our ability to consolidate management information enables us to generate sophisticated reports clearly showing computing trends, and service levels. This enables our customers to better understand and manage their current computing environment and better plan for the future.

As the scope of the enterprise evolves, so does the scope of Enterprise Management solutions. This continually expanding landscape can be a challenging maze through which to navigate.

As a leading developer, supplier, and integrator of enterprise management software, SMA is in a unique position to assist both customers and partners in determining the value of a solution as it relates to an organization. SMA understands the complexity of today's ESM environments, and the direction of leading industry vendors. We further understand that effectively managing this complexity requires a range of integrated solutions not offered by any single vendor and that business partnerships and standards drive today's Enterprise Management solutions.

With many solutions offering similar technology, how do you choose which component is best suited to the task? SMA can help.