Foglight for TIBCO

TIBCO Software is a leading supplier of messaging and business integration software supporting large scale distributed applications. By providing a reliable, flexible, and high-performance platform for network communications, TIBCO's messaging solutions provide powerful choices for integrating your business. TIBCO Rendezvous® is the leading low latency messaging product for real-time high throughput data distribution applications. TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™ is standards-based messaging software that can serve as the backbone of an SOA by providing Java Message Service (JMS)-compliant communications across a wide range of platforms and application technologies.

TIBCO's Active Matrix BusinessWorks is business integration software that has been deployed by over 1,000 companies worldwide. It is the foundation for several of the largest mission critical service-oriented business applications in production today. It reduces costs by enabling developers and administrators to build and change applications with little or no coding.

As organizations increasingly use these technologies as the foundation for critical applications, solutions are needed to help ensure the health and availability of these components.

Our Solution

Foglight for TIBCO provides integration between widely used TIBCO solutions and Quest's Foglight. Utilizing standard HAWK console API's, the solution collects key performance metrics from Enterprise Message Service, BusinessWorks, BusinessEvents, Rendezvous, and Hawk. Data is subscribed to through standard TIBCO API's allowing the solution to adapt as TIBCO solutions evolve. The robust nature of the solution ensures that operators and administrators have monitoring and diagnostic tools to ensure the performance and availability of their TIBCO environment. a set of best practices for collecting and representing data and detecting environmental abnormalities.

True Enterprise Information Correlation

At the core of this powerful solution is Quest's Foglight Management Server. Foglight's central repository, rules and business service management engine provides a rich platform for collecting and presenting TIBCO data. In addition, Foglight allows TIBCO data to be combined with rich with data from other domains ensuring end-to-end visibility into your critical business processes.

Data collection intervals are pre-defined and but adjustable for each microagent. Once data has been collected, it is stored in the Foglight repository for a period of time defined by the administrator. The repository centralizes data collection and facilitates trend analysis. This allows the solution to detect trends and anomalies that occur. Combining TIBCO data with other critical metrics collected by Foglight agents creates a solution that provides the operator with unprecedented visibility into their business services.


TIBCO BusinessWorks Dashboard TIBCO Environment BW Perspective
TIBCO Environment BW Perspective2 TIBCO Environment EMS Perspective