Have a homegrown application that is critical to the business?

Would you like to expose business information to gauge operational efficiency?

Determine performance baselines by comparing business information to resource consumption?

In order to maximize the value of critical business technologies, mission critical applications must deployed in conjunction with tools that will help ensure maximum availability and performance. Companies specializing in application performance management have built frameworks designed to simplify the monitoring of complex applications. The organizations however are focused on supporting solutions with the broadest market coverage, and typically leave development for other solutions in the hands of strategic partners.

Since 1997, SMA has been building monitoring solutions that extend the reach of solutions offered by industry leading firms including BMC Software, Quest, and TIBCO Software. Our solutions have been developed based on a broad market demand, and at the request of sophisticated customers requiring leading edge solutions. We have experience in extending support for existing solutions as well building modules to support home-grown applications.

SMA recognizes the need to provide system and application administrators with the information they need to make informed decisions. We understand that in order to effectively enhance decision support, we must architect solutions that combine business metrics with operational metrics. To this end, we make every attempt to correlate business and operational activity with system and application information to paint a complete performance picture. It is this picture that will enable operators to identify abnormal conditions and alert accordingly.

The team at SMA follows trends in monitoring, and emerging standards in the industry to produce products that offer the best solutions based on proven technologies. Our technologies are designed to be resource efficient and portable while offering administrators sophisticated tools on which the can base critical business decisions. Should you or your organization require support for a critical application, please contact the engineering team at SMA for a consultation. You will be glad you did!

For many years, Wall Street firms have been among the world's leaders in technology. Close proximity to the heart of the world's financial center has often provided our firm with unique challenges in the field of performance tuning. Systems utilized by Wall Street securities and trading firms are tightly coupled with others systems both internal and external to their organization. In this world, high-speed networks and redundant components, highly available systems, memory-resident databases and RAM disks are necessities rather than luxuries.

The move to decimalization has made performance more critical than ever. Firms must insure that each component insuring application availability is performing at its peak. In addition, they must drive and insure adequate service levels at partner firms to help insure the availability and performance of components outside their control. Plain and simple, poor performance costs money.

SMA has the experience to help isolate even the most obscure performance problems. Once identified, we can assist in solving these problems, or point your team in the right direction. Call and let us put our experience to work for you.

Experience has taught us that business needs often drive unique implementations of standard ERP's. Each new environment brings with it unique challenges in maintaining application performance. In order to maintain optimum performance, it is necessary to have the appropriate infrastructure resources and a redundancy of critical systems. Doing so while maintaining fiscal responsibility often presents numerous challenges. Although there are a variety of individual solutions and related methodologies that can be combined to provide a basis for a comprehensive environmental analysis, it is proven time and time again that experience is the most valuable tool of them all.

As a basis for our performance tuning solution Systems Management Associates (SMA) utilizes tools designed to collect and graphically represent data in an effort to diagnose performance problems. Once these problems have been isolated, SMA applies our unique methodology to tune your system for optimum performance. Results are delivered quickly and are often dramatic. In as little as two to three weeks, our customers have experienced 300-400% improvements in performance.

Once the initial engagement is complete, SMA can leave you with the tools and knowledge to keep you system at optimum performance for years to come.

Systems Management Associates is a leading member of the Quest Alliance program. We specialize in providing resources to implement, customize, and maintain Foglight solutions. Having successfully delivered management solutions to over 500 customers, SMA has created a project management and implementation team that is second to none. Our refined deployment methodologies allow us to assist customers in getting the most value from their management solutions.

While most organizations recognize the need to deploy management solutions few plan for the additional workload of properly maintaining the solution. Those that choose to maintain complex Application Performance Management (APM) solutions themselves, often sign up for more than they bargained for. Most find that they lack the time or expertise to properly maintain the systems. The result is a system that is underutilized and one which fails to resolve the very issues that supported its purchase.

SMA can help! As a leading enterprise management services company, SMA provides system design and implementation assistance for Foglight customers. This application administration outsourcing is designed to assist clients managing the complex infrastructures of the digital economy. SMA and Quest bring together the world's best management technologies to address critical client business imperatives. We help clients eliminate boundaries, collaborate in new ways, establish service levels and continuously seek improvement.

SMA's expertise extends well beyond what the typical Enterprise Management provider can offer, delivering world class Foglight and ITIL compliant enterprise management solutions. Our team is comprised of professionals that specialize in application development, implementation, integration, architecture, and application administration outsourcing. Taking into consideration that not all clients have similar needs, we have created several service offerings designed to assist customers maintain and manage APM solutions.

Our services provide consistent delivery and outstanding customer service, based on almost 20 years of expertise and experience delivering these services through:

* Nationally distributed data centers
* Deep, cross-industry application management experience
* Unsurpassed enterprise management integration expertise
* Demonstrated Operational/Service Excellence
* Secure environments
* Flexible and scalable service solutions

SMA has extensive experience in supporting global organizations which means SMA clients enjoy consistent delivery across geographies ... guaranteed. Using its applications expertise, SMA is helping one of the world's largest financial services companies to transform itself from numerous technology silos into an integrated, global company. By working with SMA, the client is reducing complexity, lowering costs, improving processes and becoming more competitive.

Our Foglight Administrative services offerings are helping companies to reduce costs and improve performance by enabling them to focus on their business. Application administration outsourcing services are just one component of SMA's outsourcing offerings. To learn more about our Foglight administrative outsourcing programs, please contact us at

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Data Center Technology & Operations

Data Center Technology & Operations (DCT&O) solutions offer a differentiating and holistic approach to transformational change within our client's data centers. Through our unique approach and delivery capability we are able to drive cost efficiencies and operational effectiveness through the optimization of the underlying infrastructure technologies, as well as the supporting operational processes, based upon ITIL V3, and tools.


Our transformational approach and solutions are built upon the foundation of Accenture's Next Generation Data Center vision and road map, which focuses on achieving high performance by transforming all aspects of data center infrastructure and operations by centralizing data center facilities; rationalizing and virtualizing servers; implementing tiered and virtualized storage; and introducing automated provisioning, predictive operations and business service management capabilities - all while taking into account (and benefiting from) service-oriented architectures.

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Increasingly, business performance is dependent upon the strength of a company's underlying IT infrastructure whose reliable operation can be vastly improved through improved data center technology and operations.